The idea for LOREST came about in a strange and original way.  LOREST is the creation of a Junior Year High Student named Alexis Owens.  This was the result of a class assignment.  Alexis is a 2020 Graduate of Oak Park High School in Kansas City.  Alexis plays the part of Samantha reading her diary entries on the pilot video.  Alexis lives with her grandparents in Gladstone,Missouri and is attending Metropolitan Community College this fall.

Lorest is a concept, a setting and a world created to tell wonderful stories in.  Lorest is an island, isolated from other communities, isolated from the rest of the world.  Things that happen on Lorest most certainly STAY on Lorest, but more than that, there is no internet, no outside TV, no outside Radio.  The residents of Lorest are unaware of these things... their world is entirely slef-contained on the island.  Think TWIN PEAKS meets a very twisted GILLIGAN'S ISLAND by way of The X-FILES.  Where nothing is as it seems.  It's like a Stephen King community to the 10th power of crazytown, infused with Lovecraftian mythos and oddities.  A mystery with deep, twisted layers that is exciting and engaging. 

Check out the promotional video, starring Alexis herself.  It will help explain just a bit more.


LOREST from Todd Sheets on Vimeo.


LOREST can be something different, yet familiar.  Something NEW and ORIGINAL, but still Nostalgic.  Serious Producers, Directors, Writers or Production Companies feel free to get in touch and we will send you the entire LOREST concept package.  We think LOREST could be the next TWIN PEAKS, the next X Files or the next Wayward Pines. 


CONTACT:  Horror25@AOL.COM  


The Characters:


Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark is a 25 year old woman who has lived on the Island of Lorest all of her life.  She was orphaned at a very young age.  She was told that her parents were killed in a boating accident 4 weeks after she was born.  She has had no reason to question this until lately.  The island is a paradise that is free of disease.  Samantha has began to question the regimen of the twice a day shots when she accidentally forgot to take them one day.  Since that day she began to notice that Lorest was not the place that she believed it is as she grew up.  The twice a day shots have the power to change who you are, your looks, gender, your personality, your attitude, and intelligence.  Samantha has awakened to the fact that the island she  is living on  is a real-life genetic laboratory.

Faris Goodman

Faris Goodman is the leader of Lorest.  All of his people on Lorest worship him.  He looks to be in his late 30's, but it is rumored that he is several years older.  His power and wealth is said to come from the ownership of the Lorest Diamond.  Faris is a covert genetic and bio weapon scientist that sells his services to powerful foreign governments.  Admission to his top secret laboratory is strictly forbidden to everyone except his most trusted.  His operatives recruit people from all over the Earth.  However, once someone commits to live on Lorest, they are there there for life and their past existence is erased.

The Lorest Diamond

The Lorest Diamond is an extremely rare gem, only one other is known to exist.  The diamond contains water at its core, which is believed to be there since the Earth was formed.  It is believed that the person that owns the diamond has divine abundance of wealth and powers.

Lorest Residents

The residents of Lorest are very diverse.  Because of the shots,  the girl next door might be young and attractive one day and be old and wrinkled the next, or even be a young teenage boy the next.  Some people choose what they want to be.


The LOREST TREE.  It looks like a fallen tree, but it is VERY much alive, and growing SIDEWAYS across the ground!!!




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